Why the Hiline serviced apartment is the best accommodation for your business trip?

Dec - 09
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Why the Hiline serviced apartment is the best accommodation for your business trip?

Actually, a service apartment is a furnished apartment operated for short term or long term accommodation that offers housekeeping services, amenities and a gamut of conveniences for guests. In these apartments, most utility taxes are added to the rental charges.

A serviced apartment provides the conveniences of a hotel room including 100% furnished rooms, cleaning service, in addition to appreciable room service. Along with these amenities, serviced apartments provide the advantages of an apartment such as a lounge, kitchen and temporary workspace for business travellers.

Service apartments for monthly rental include a full-sized, fully equipped kitchen enabling you to prepare homemade meals and store food and beverages in the refrigerator. So you can eat healthy food and save money on purchasing the food from outside. Serviced apartments offer more than just a room. They have separate areas for cooking, dining, living and sleeping offering a better home experience. You’ll have more space to live and work in.

Serviced Apartments are cheaper than hotels because there aren’t any hidden costs, rates include property management costs, utilities, property tax charges and weekly servicing. Internet service can be an added cost in a few service apartments. The rates will reduce the longer you stay.

Serviced Apartments are safe because most service apartments guarantee high safety and security with well-equipped security devices like video phones, CCTV cameras and discrete entrance areas to monitor all activities. A serviced apartment is a self-contained apartment normally within a residential building. Many may even have keyless entry access via smartphone for other technology, in addition to access to a 24- hour helpline.

Typically, serviced accommodation types include hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast accommodation (B&B). Non-serviced accommodation does not provide additional services and generally covers self-catering services including rented departments, youth hostels, holiday parks, campsites and motor homes. Service departments, or self-contained Apartments, are rented out from a minimum stay period of one night for a little over a year depending upon your accommodation requirements.

With dedicated professional operators on the job, serviced apartments are always fully furnished and equipped. Business travellers mainly prefer serviced Apartments because they never have that “away from home” feeling. Instead of a cold, ham-friendly hotel room, you will have a large accommodating room with comfortable furniture and a relaxing atmosphere. You will no longer feel a sense of being homesick if you stay in a Serviced Apartment.

Serviced Apartments in Coimbatore

Most service apartments in Coimbatore are easy to access from the airport. For those who’d like to self-drive, service apartments in Coimbatore have car parks available for guests. They are also located in a calm and pleasant environment. These apartments provide convenience and comfort to the people who visit Coimbatore for business, also serving the corporate industry. These apartments are absolutely safe for holiday travellers, including their friends and families, and visitors for medical purposes.

Large homes and apartments can be modified into service apartments by fully furnishing them and by providing refrigerators, decent beds, amenities, kitchenware and accessories. What’s more when you can find an elaborately furnished kitchen, washing machine, separate bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and WC, Wi-Fi services, TV, uninterrupted water supply, electricity and even regular housekeeping services.

Service Apartments near KMCH in Coimbatore

Though there are many service apartments near KMCH in Coimbatore, the most important of them include Hiline Apartments, known for its almost ‘home-alike’ experience in terms of experience, comfort, luxury and convenience. If you’re looking for service apartments in Coimbatore for Monthly rental, especially near the KMCH Hospitals, your search will end right here at the Hiline.

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