Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Confirmation of Booking - Once your booking is confirmed, our staff will reach out to you and also the confirmation will be notified to you through mail/message.

Check -in/ Check-out - You should bring your ID proofs along with you for verification purposes. Occupants are liable for any breakage or damage to furniture, walls or floors and would be charged at the time of Check-out.

Mode of Payment - You can pay through cash/ card or any mobile wallet.

Cancellation Policy - If you wish to cancel your Booking, you will be subject to cancellation Fee if not informed in writing through mail or through calls. Amount is Refundable if informed within the time band.

Internet Usage - Free Wi-Fi is available only for the purpose of surfing information. Accessing illicit sites and downloading any files is strictly refrained as per our Data Privacy policy.

Damage to property - Usage of sticky tapes, nails, glue and any other material that might tamper the walls and floors is strictly prohibited. You might be subjected to pay Additional charges in case of prohibition.

Pets - No pets are allowed and are not permitted inside the premises under any circumstances.

Smoking - We follow a strict “NO SMOKING POLICY”. So smoking is strictly not allowed inside any area of the apartment.

Occupants - Rooms must be occupied only by the people that have been stated at the time of Booking. Additional members/ your Friends are not allowed to stay without seeking permission from us.

Room Allocation - We will try to accommodate you based on your request. But we cannot always guarantee that we can allocate you specific rooms or floors requested by you. Also, the management has all rights to shift you to different rooms of the same type if needed.

Cancellation of Booking By Us - We may terminate your Booking at any time on the grounds of Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, abuse to staff/guests and participation in any other criminal activity.

Trademarks & Copyrights

The site contains “Hiline Serviced Apartments” Logo, text, images, links and all intellectual property are refrained from copying and using it elsewhere under any circumstances without the written permission from Hiline Serviced Apartments.

* All Terms & Conditions mentioned above are subject to change without notice.