Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Policy

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Hiline Service Apartments’ commitment to our guests & associates

COVID-19 Procedures

06/05/2021 Update

Following Government restrictions owing to the outbreak of the pandemic, please check if your stay meets the following criteria as laid out on the .gov website. All guests will be required to conform to the below mentioned guidelines. We, at Hiline, welcome our guests whilst we continue to ensure those staying with us are properly looked after, following the best practise guidelines from the Government of India.

We have updated our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure that both guests and staff are protected. We understand that guests and their booking agents will be expecting safety assurances and measures which we have already put in place. The below is a list of SOP we are implementing in our service apartment.


# All keys are sanitised before handing them over to guests. We maintain social distancing while meeting and greeting guests.

# ‘No-hand shaking’ policy for guests or visitors to the site.

Cleaning & Hygiene

# Increased frequency of cleaning recommended especially on contact with infection-prone areas/surfaces including doors, handrails, windows and lifts.

# Housekeepers are mandated to wear face masks and shoe covers inside the apartment and use anti-bacterial sprays, making sure all surfaces are properly wiped as they leave the property. Gloves to be removed only after exiting the apartment.

# Housekeeping staff are advised to avoid unnecessary contact, and instructed to wash their hands when they enter and exit each apartment.

Facilities & Maintenance

# Signage & stickers installed on walls and windows to remind guests of government guidelines including social distancing and minimizing contact with physical surfaces.

# Housekeeping staff advised to exit the apartment only to carry out ‘essential’ tasks.

# Emergency & essential visits only to be carried out in each apartment at an appropriate distance with the basic PPE kit on. In the case of maintenance issues, steps to be taken for issues to be resolved over the phone, where deemed possible.

# Should someone contract COVID or tested positive, he/she will be required to inform our team immediately for isolation.

# The person will be quarantined in the apartment without housekeeping services. Food and medical supplies will be delivered at the doorstep and left outside to ensure a non-contact delivery.

# Should any critical or emergency need or complication arise, appropriate action will be taken to inform the medical staff immediately and relatives updated of the health condition.