Why choose a Serviced Apartment over a hotel?

May - 12
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Why choose a Serviced Apartment over a hotel?

Advantages of serviced or self-contained apartments

Planning where to stay can be a headache when travelling for business (read as blesiure), temporary relocation or short-term assignment, particularly with a limited budget. Based on the situation, you may prefer to check budget-friendly stay choices, but sacrificing quality over cost is anyways not going to be a good idea.

Even if your hotel room is pocket-friendly, what if it’s in the wrong part of the city or far from the airport or bus stand; you still need to ensure you’re getting the best value for your spend. Therefore, serviced apartments present as the perfect stay option, whether your stay is short-or-long term.

Benefits of serviced apartments

Most serviced apartments come fully equipped with appliances, e-gadgets and household utilities. Take the kitchen of a serviced apartment, for example, it usually comes fully equipped with appliances such as TV sets, home theatre & Wi-Fi systems and washing machines and water heaters in the toilets. If you want to skip washing your clothes, you can have it done from the local laundry services that serviced apartments offer. The biggest advantage, therefore, of preferring to stay in a service apartment over a hotel is the home-like feel it offers, especially when you’re away from home for long.

Slow Wi-Fi connection at popular stay options, including hotels and rental spaces, is always a spot of bother; service apartments, on the other hand, understand the needs of today’s business class and millennials and offer high-speed connectivity and network for day-to-day tasks and applications. Like hotels, these apartments offer a high level of security so that guests can have greater peace of mind without having to worry about their belongings getting lost or replaced.

Because serviced apartments are situated in the heart of the city or near important landmarks, shopping shouldn’t be a problem, with easy access to local transportation. To put things in a nutshell, serviced apartments are the future of accommodation and, undoubtedly, fare better than the hotels and rental options in terms of benefits discussed above—all these and more at an affordable budget.