What is a Serviced Apartment?

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What is a Serviced Apartment?

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments, in the most basic sense, are fully furnished apartments for both short as well as long term stays. It covers several amenities including housekeeping and a range of services for the guests. These types of apartments provide guests with the amenities and services of a traditional hotel, in addition to the convenience, ambience, privacy, space and set-up of a home. One can truly enjoy feeling at home and store everything you need in a serviced apartment.

What does Serviced Apartment do?

Serviced apartments are usually self-contained apartments constructed within a building or campus. There may not be necessarily any staff on-site in service apartment, as the guests have greater privileges in terms of utilizing the facilities provided to them.  Individuals, as well as companies, that own and rent regular apartments convert them into service apartments. Considering a lucrative business opportunity nowadays, working professionals too look for furnished homes to stay than living in a rented house or buying a property. 

Corporates also partner with service apartments so that their employees who are on official visits can be accommodated. It is not uncommon that off-site engineers, technicians and C-level executives stay in serviced apartments temporarily while looking for a permanent residence, job transfer or relocation.

How do serviced apartments work?

First, serviced apartments are quite affordable and comfortable compared to hotel rooms. They provide ample room to accommodate more people with a greater level of freedom such as cooking meals and privacy (built-in feature) with every popular service apartment. That’s why individuals and corporates prefer serviced apartments over hotel chains. Furthermore, individuals and families looking to relocate to a new city go for serviced apartments for high comfort levels. Shifting things to a temporary accommodation is a burden in itself while moving to a new place—the reason today’s millennials prefer serviced apartments as they come fully furnished. Moreover, the rental cost of furniture is exorbitant these days. To conclude, service apartments feature as a viable option who seek comfort at reasonable prices, alternating regular apartments, rented spaces or even hotel rooms.