Fully furnished service Apartments for rent in Coimbatore

Nov - 08

Fully furnished service Apartments for rent in Coimbatore

Are you a business or corporate traveller stationed in a new city for several months at a stretch? Since business travel nowadays is more of ‘Bleisure’, a combination of business and leisure, an extended stay means it has to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. This is the reason why serviced or service apartments are gaining increased traction even in a tier-II city like Coimbatore in the southern state of Tamilnadu. Serviced apartments are essentially a combo of hotels and house sharing; the biggest advantage however is that they are comparatively less expensive than an optimal lease you may have found as a result of googling corporate housing online.

Advantages of renting serviced Apartments in Coimbatore

Compared to a hotel, serviced apartments, a hybrid between homestay and hotels,  serviced apartments can provide a range of facilities including fitness, centres, Wi-Fi, conference rooms, kitchen, concierge and room services. The best part is that serviced apartments are designed to maintain a long-term relationships with clients for an extended stay. In addition, serviced apartments can cut costs by offering private facilities in-house. Why waste money on washing and dry cleaning clothes when you’ll be able to find them in a service apartment at no extra costs? No longer delays waiting for room services. Living costs are considerably reduced by eliminating laundry and room services.

Service Apartments in Coimbatore

A business traveller new to the city of Coimbatore will find serviced apartments attractive for extended stays. They are more spacious and clean and better ventilated. And unlike hotels, service apartments offer lot more privacy for a business traveller. In other words, hotels lack the amenities that would guarantee a comfortable stay for an extended period. House sharing or hotels may definitely have their own perks, but business travellers looking for an extended stay in Coimbatore would look no further than Hiline Serviced Apartments that meet all their long-term needs. Give us a shout if you’re searching for a service apartment located no further than 2km from Coimbatore city limits.