10 great reasons to stay in Serviced Apartments

Oct - 18

10 great reasons to stay in Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments are the most suitable place for accommodation as they offer a wide range of facilities, unlike hotels. Serviced apartments appear to grow further in India. For long-term stays, Serviced apartments can save up to 30% of the cost when compared to conventional hotel accommodation.

There are numerous benefits of staying in a serviced apartment. In this article, You will find the perks of staying in the serviced apartments.

Great Reasons to stay in serviced apartments.

1) Well- Maintained Space

Serviced Apartments have well-maintained spaces. They come with housekeeping and sanitization facilities. They also have significant measures to control the pandemic. The well-furnished rooms and the vibrant atmosphere in serviced apartments will make you feel at home.

2)Parking Facilities

It may be hard to find suitable accommodation with parking facilities. Serviced apartments have good parking facilities to make your trip more convenient.

3)Easy-Cancellation Facilities

Serviced apartments are designed to provide more ease to visitors. They have super flexible cancellation policies and early-check in facilities for a hassle-free experience.

4)Pets and Kids Friendly

Unlike Hotels, Serviced apartments are open to pets. You can carry your fur babies during your travel. Some Serviced apartments have play areas and swimming pools for your kids.

5)Advantage of Amenities and Facilities

Serviced Apartments have a wide range of facilities such as Gym, Lift facilities, and satellite TVs.These facilities will make you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

6)The warmth of home-cooked food

Travels are fun, but restaurant food can be unkind to your stomach. Serviced apartments are well equipped with kitchen amenities so that you can explore the places without worrying about the stomach flu.

7)Internet facilities

You don’t have to fret about the internet when visiting the serviced apartments for your workcations since they have wifi facilities. Additionally, The vibrant atmosphere of the serviced apartments will boost your productivity.


Safety can be a chief concern while you are travelling with your family. Serviced apartments have safety features such as Cctv, Security protection, and burglar alarms to make you feel at ease.

9)24-hour generator backup

Power problems can be annoying and may cause hindrance to your sleep and work during your period of accommodation. Serviced apartments have 24-hour generator backup to save you from trouble So that you can have a pleasant experience throughout your entire stay.

10)Value for Money

Serviced apartments have a wide range of facilities, and they are more hygienic when compared to hotels. They are budget-friendly for long-term stays and save up to 30% of your money when compared to hotels.

Unlike hotels, Staying in serviced apartments makes you feel the comfort of home because of the wide range of amenities. Hiline Apartments is one of the best-serviced apartments in Coimbatore. They offer well-sanitized rooms with internet facilities, and it is located in the heart of the city. They have the best-furnished service apartments in Coimbatore, and the apartments are under total surveillance to ensure complete safety.