Is it Cheaper to Stay in a Hotel or Serviced Apartment?

Jul - 05
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Is it Cheaper to Stay in a Hotel or Serviced Apartment?

There are many factors that help decide whether staying in a hotel or an apartment is advantageous. We have already seen the differences between what it is like staying in a hotel and serviced apartment and a regular flat in our previous blogs. As much as we speak on the differences, factors such as the term of stay, facilities, location, costs, accessibility and extra services will play a role in deciding whether to stay in a hotel, regular flat or serviced apartment. Serviced apartment or service apartment, as the term signifies, is a fully-furnished apartment that nearly offers the conveniences of a home.

Right, let’s focus on the economics of staying in a serviced apartment against the likes of a hotel in the blog.

Cost factor of Service apartments

Serviced apartments in Coimbatore are always priced lower than an equivalent hotel accommodation inclusive of all utility charges like electricity, heating and other charges. Just from a point of comparison, if a hotel charges you INR 2000 per night for the stay and regular facilities offered, you’d still be able to get better deals for serviced apartments. And this is the primary reason why today’s millennial vacationers and business travellers are opting to stay in a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartment vs. hotels

When it comes to serviced apartments vs. hotels, it is true that serviced apartments are inexpensive for longer stays. On an average, a serviced apartment may cost you 30 per cent lesser compared to hotel stays. It will be probably more when you extend your stay for a few weeks or months, but you don’t have to burn a hole in the pocket. Compare this to the cost of staying in a hotel for which you pay only for accommodation and food, the odds will stack against it. What’s more when you can cook yourself, and avoid ordering food items when staying in a serviced apartment.